Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey, Joey Is Here!

HELLO, Everyone!!
Just to let you guys know! Joseph Russel Kenyon arrived 1/02/09~~~!!!!

Joey is awesome! I felt an emotional tie with him! I think I am getting the hang of this Grandmother stuff. It was tough leaving him today! Jack doesn't quite know what to think! He is handome and gorgeous as always. Not to sure about Mom being in the hospital or him being in the birthing suite. But he's being quite good. Baby & Mom are fine. Daddy Tim, is a bit hyper and being a "germ freak." Patti is making fast recovery from her C sections. She is something. Acts like maybe she just went to the dentist. :) She truly looks angelic in the pictures we have of her and Joseph. I will write more tomorrow.

We just got home from Cedar Rapids (where Tim & Patti live) We got here in the nick of time. There is an ice storm going on here. It's nasty and you can't even walk outside. Dave was going to the store, but came back. It's treaturious. Luckily, Dave had gotten our Maltese Kaycee from my friend Jill's (her groomer & our friend) B4 the roads became sheer ice. I think Tim thought we were leaving too soon, but Dave is ever mindful of weather from being a sales man all these years and He WILL NOT drive in blizzards or on ice, not for us, and not even for his job!



madcobug said...

Congratulations to the family on the safe affival of Joey. I am glad that you got home before the ice storm made it impossible to get home. I pray that it doesn't do a lot of damage around your parts. Hugs, Helen

Jmoqueen said...

such good news and what a lovely way to start the new year :o)