Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Licorice & Carbs

Good morning!
Are you chocolate people?  I don't like chocolate at all.  In fact, I hate chocolate.  I love licorice.  Red or black, oh it's my passion, and my weakness.
I got this licorice thing from my Dad, He always ate it, said it "soouthed" and "calmed him down."  If Daddy said that I thought then it is true, and have followed the licorice path off and on my whole life.  I try not to buy it, not to keep it in the house, because I don't want the calories.
I will be writting my email on and of during the day today!.  I ate a bunch of black licorice last night. I  had been so good about not eating it, (because it causes me to get the trots the next day & ALSO although it's low fat, it's full of extra carbs that my small framed body does not need!) BUT what happened is Dave had this little bag of Nibs that was hard, so he was going to throw it AWAY!  Well, I couldn't have that!  So, I said, "NO, Wait, give it to ME!"  And I put it in my computer desk. But the devil made me go get it after Dave went to bed last night!  The licorice tasted so good, I ate a little, then a bit more, then more and more.  I didn't stop until it was all gone!  Oh the Lord is making sure I pay for doing that!  BAD MERRY, Bad Merry!  Well, I'll write more later but Bad Merry has to run to the bathroom again now.
PS  The world can have their chocolate.  I don't want it.  But pass the licorice, will you please?  Or maybe...you better just throw it out the window, or put it down the garbage disposal!

Monday, June 26, 2006

This weekend

Now I am up to date again, finally!  This is Monday, June 26.


I am so happy!  I have found a new home.  I have become part of the AS I AM family~!  I have been warmly welcomed and my heart is full of warm and good feelings.  I look forward to sharing with you all and hearing from new people (I hope). I also want to be there for some of you who may need a friend, too!  I also belong to Positive Pals, but I have been there for a while.  I will share my lows, my highs, but I will also listen to yours!  I may share my pain with you too, as I have chronic pain problems, but don't worry, I can also listen to your pain, no matter what it is.  
How was your weekend?  What did you do?

We got out a lot this weekend.  To eat, shop at the mall on Saturday, get groceries, and then yesterday we went out again for brunch and they had one of those purple shirt / red hat deals where we were.  They were selling clothes, etc.  I am not QUITE at that stage of life (or if I am I haven't yet acknowled it) but it was fun to see all the older ladies dressed up out, and having so much fun.   Then we went to (are you ready for this?  It's soooo exciting, LOL) we went to Menards (like Home Depot) to buy a NEW TOILET SEAT.  Now, you just can't have much more fun than that, can you.  Then we came home watched a DVD. It was a good weekend.

Bit of SAD news

Bit of sad news

Updating again.

Our son Tim just called and said Patti's grandmother, who had just gone to the nursing home like last week, has passed away.  Patti is devastated, she didn't even have time to accept Granny being at the nursing home.  Tim was pretty blue, too.
She fell at the nursing home, and by the time they got her via ambulance to ER, the doctors said she was bad.  Shortly, after, Tim and Patti arrived and were waiting to go in and see her, but the doctor came out and said she was gone.  She has Alzheimers, and some physical problems, but she did still know Patti.  The doctors think she had a stroke.
I feel so sad for Patti, and Tim, but especially Patti, at times her Grandmother raised her.
What a blow this must be for them after the good news and glow we all had over the engagement just yesterday.

Even more good news

I am undating even more here!
Tim said that they want to have children!  Imagine!  I am like in shock.  I didn't know that such a good thing like this  still could /would really happen.  I totally feel like my life has changed for the better, and now I will  have a daughter in law in the future.  I have a lot of love to give!   They did not want to live together without a commitment of marriage. Oh dear, God, thank you for making my son the man he is and for making sure he found the right girl. It was worth waiting 42 yr. for this!  Whoops, sorry it is actually 43 now!
I love ya, Hey, I love the world now!
PS And do you know this girl works, cares for her  family (mom, aunt, grandmother, etc, cares for Tim, works full time, cleans her own place, Tim's place, even does dishes by hand!  Wow.  I did not know they made girls like that anymore.  Aren't I silly?
Are you glad that I am silly?

I am so excited and nervous, but it's a happy nervous.


I am just updating a bit here.

Our 43 year old Tim called me last Wednesday.   He proposed to Patti last night and she said yes!  He doesn't know how soon they will be married, but doesn't think it will be too long.  He said I was the first person he told!
I ask if they would elope?  No way he said.  I asked if it would be real small (as Patti has been married before for 8 yr.).  He said, he th ought it would be sort of small, but at this point did not know for sure.
She will probably give up her apt. soon, unless  they decide to sell Tim's house.  Tim's house is super tiny, and Patti wouldn't mind living there for a while but she wants them to have a place that they both pick out for their new life together and I totally understand that.
Oh my God, is being the groom's parents hard?  Can I do this?  I just bawl thinking about it, I get so emotional.  Even Tim started to cry when he was telling me!  (That touched my heart.)  I don't know how I'll get through planning a wedding!  I don't know how to do a wedding!!  How the hell does a person do that?.  Holy cow!  I am like excited and scared at the same time.  
Tim proposed to her at his house, he even got down on his knees to do it. Isn't that sweet?  Patti loves the ring!
PS I am glad that Tim is more sentimental like me, rather than like Dave about things like this!  I love that he is romantic!   Dave is many wonderful things but romance is not one of them.  LOL