Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday, 1/22- Dave's last Work Day

I was mistaken about the Inaugural swearing in. I thought just the judge goofed up, but guess they both did as they had a relatively (anyway) "do-over" yesterday. That seems silly but I suppose they had to fix it or someone would have raised trouble later on.

Michelle Obama IS tall, isn't she,? Michelle is like 5'9" or at least 5' 8" and you can tell she works out; she is not skinny but her body is well toned. Being an X exercise addict, I notice things like that, but if I hadn't the media informed us many times these past few days, LOL but really gorgeous most of the time. I wouldn't say she is "gorgeous" (as in Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan, which is more of a "class" thing than a "beauty" thing). You can't buy or get class. It's got to be breed in you. My Mom dislikedJackie Kennedy, but I thought she was beautiful even if I didn't agree with their political party. Same with Jack Kennedy. Jack, to me was the best looking, Teddy never was and Bobby wasn't as handsome as Jack. Jack had charisma, Well, we had "Camelot" then!! Teddy Kennedy had a mild seizure at a luncheon afterwards, poor guy. He's really trying to "hang in there." I feel sorry for him. He got left alone to carry on as the family leader, quite a job with all of Bobby's kids and Jack's 2 as well. He's a die hard liberal and so I sure do not agree with his politics, but I respect that he takes his Senate seat so seriously and no matter if people like it or not, he is a Patriotic Senior Member of Congress.

I loved Michelle's evening gown! Loved it! I thought it was different and elegant. But everupme hase a right to have your opinion about that. President Obama has hit the groud running. He wasn't my pick, but the majority rules and they picked him. And we need to give him a chance to pull our country together.

I just sat back and enjoyed what I watched of the celebrations (about an hour or more). But I thought if I had not rooted for Obama it would have sickened me. He won because of his stand on things, and not because of his color. The commentaries were a LOT too much. At least for me! But I expected they would be.

I think the trouble with Mrs. Jimmy Carter is that she thought SHE was Jimmy Carter.Gee, I never thought that. I thought Roselyn was this little quiet sort of mousy woman. But I guess that's NOT true. What did Bill Clinton ever do to her? Not that I am a Bill Clinton fan. Of course Nancy Reagan WAS Ronald Reagan for much of the time because of the onset of Alzheimer's, but she could be bitchy too. I choose to believe that Ronnie's Alzheimer's didn't set in until the very end, even after his terms. My Mom use to say differently. But my Mom could be catlike in her comments on politics, much different from my Dad. My Dad was one to see the good in officials I think Hillary Clinton was feeling pressure to act "happy." I mean, she had to feel bad about it not being her being sworn in It's been said that Jackie Kennedy took Benadryl to get through a busy Inagural Day. I have no idea if this is true or not. Frankly, I have my doubts. President Kennedy did have serious back pain and took pain pills periodically for that!

It is too bad about Teddy Kennedy and I know he has worked hard and perhaps redeemed himself, but after Chappaquidick (sp?) I will never really like him. Caroline has withdrawn from the Senate race? This AM I thought that that Caroline had decided she didn't want to be in the "limelight." But heard tonight on ET that she had some issues she didn't want made public knowledge, about some things, one was about what her housekeeper. I really didn't feel she had the experience to get that Senate seat, anyway. Didn't seem right to me that she get it because she was a Kennedy.

If you watched the celebrations, you might have seen after the luncheon where people were standing around. Al Gore was there with Tipper Gore, and she was CHEWING GUM! I do not chew gum UNLESS I am exercising. or flying. I always chewed gum when I ran. My Mom use to say that it wasn't good manners and that it showed lack of good breeding and class to chew gum. Dave chews gum and I hate it. He chews it as nice as you can, but I don't think "gum chewing" looks "proper."

In my opinion, Cindy McCain is very sharp looking! And I also think Jill Biden is a classy looking woman. Good-looking woman though. One thing that struck me however, was that when you see all those famous people standing around, which you don't see very often, you realize that they are "just folks." It could be a luncheon of the local service club

I have a real regime morning and night. The teeth thing, of course. Then I wash my face with this Lancome foam stuff (like a soap but easier and specially made for your face). (My friend Jane got me into Lancome products). Then I use a Lancome Toner or if I am out of that, I use my Clinique toner. Then I use the yellow (first of 3 step Clinique regime). Follow that I use Night time moisturizer.(Usually, Clinique Intensive Care For Dry skin) And sometimes a little (0 Gravity (Clinique) to "lift" up my face - ha, as if that's gonna really happen! Dave says if he had to go through all of that before he went to bed, he'd be wide awake. I do the same regime in the AM except use daytime stuff and I also wear light sheer makeup & mascara & blush). But the biggest time thing for me, is my hair. It's impossible. I spend 2 hours on it if I wash it. No lie and it's not like I have this beautiful head of hair or anything! More the opposite. I am trying to make it look like I have thicker hair than I do. And I tend to spray it too much, so I have to wash it every day usually.

This afternoon I went to the Drugstore. I had to get my BP med and also my anti-inflammatory one. The old insurance decided I don't need that. We don't get why, the doctor doesn't get why, the pharmacy doesn't get why. When I get swtiched to my supplemental, hopefully it will pay for my Celebrex. But I got told today I had a "lifetime limit and I could (in my whole life) only have 7 more pills. LOL And this is the best part. I got told those 7 pills would still cost me my full copay. It's at the top tier of our copay and one of those drugs that cost us $40. So, I said thanks but no thanks and had them call my doctor to RX me Relafan. Relafen can give me heartburn and other problems, but still it's not going to be that bad! Before THIS month is over I damn well better get my Medicare Blue (it's a Blue Cross plan) CARD! Everything from MY Social Security to MY insurance has been screwed up since Dave put in to retire. Standard Bearings extended my coverage for January. Which was very nice of them. Dave was originally going to retire in Nov. Well, then he learned he wouldn't get SS check until Feb. So, he asked to work for one more month. Well, there is only one more week left in this month and so far I have NOT gotten my new insurance card. I have not gotten my SS straightened out. It's a different story every time I try to get it straightened out. Very Stressful! It's bad enough Dave's 401K from work took a huge Dive, when the stock market dropped. But, we aren't the only ones that happened to. Hopefully, this will all work out in time.

I also went to mall. I had gift certificates to spend. Stuff was pretty picked over now though. I waited too long. I got the face stuff I needed and got a couple pair of PJ's and a long sleeve Tshirt I may or may not keep, and a couple bras, etc. I spent what Tim and Patti's gift cert. was. Then I bought each of the boys an outfit and Jack a toy, too. I still have half of what Dave gave me left to spend at Younkers and I that won't be hard to do. I just got a late start today. Besides, I don't like winter clothes like I do summer ones.

Dave had a bittersweet day. I told him he'd feel bad, but he didn't believe me. When I got home from the mall, he was standing in the kitchen looking at the mail in an oh so serious way. I asked him if he was okay and he showed me all the gifts he had gotten and Emails from other stores. And I looked at him, and I could tell he'd been crying. He just almost never does this. So, I gave him a big hug and he cried a little more. He said he expected to only feel relief, but it was hard saying good-bye to the people he has worked with for so many years. (I knew it would be, but he didn't believe me.)


mortonlake said...

my good wishes to dave both of you,mort x

madcobug said...

I hope he ejoys his retirement. I hope you enjoy it with him. Helen

Mark and Elayne said...

Here is hoping Dave enjoys this next phase of his life.