Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nasty Receptionist!

Today I had a doctor apt. Have you ever had a doctor who had a nasty/snotty witch for a receptionist? Well, I got a very cold reception at the doctor's today from Ms. Important herself. Anyway, she didn't look up or say hello or anything. That witch screwed up my scan apt. and then said I missed my apt. (The hospital told me the doctor should be told!) but I didn't say anything to the Dr.because if the doctor did say something to her, Ms.Receptionist would make my life a living hell. It's never good to be on the bad side of the receptionists! She has a Westie terrier dog she brings to work, and he's a doll. I was petting him and talked just a little to him. But I sure did tense up waiting an hour to be called while Ms. Important greeted other people so friendly it was almost sickening.But then I should have known she would be like this to me, since when I called to find out my scan results, because of the way she's fouled up with test dates for me since Sept. But, I also know that anything I do with her, would just get me upset and not bother her a bit. Then I wait another hour in the exam room. Not good for the blood pressure. I got so upset I threw up in the sink in the little examining room, Then I thought, "Settle down, she is not worth it!" You'd have been proud of me.. She's is off on a POWER trip. . But the nurse is really wonderful and that's nice. And the doctor is very nice too. Just had to tell you this. I just told myself, "Rise above that petty stuff." (And that's just what I did!)
From your pal,


Missie said...

Our doctor's office had a witch for a receptionist also a few years back. He finally got rid of her after everyone started complaining about her.

Have a happy new year.

just me said...

Good for you, you are a much better person than she is.

mortonlake said...

she aint worth it merry.anyone who needs to feel that important is a very sad person.take care,hope 2009 brings you better luck.mort x

Ally Lifewithally said...

Merry Happy New Year ~ don't let that receptionist upset you she is not worth it ~ you are a much better person than she ever could be ~ Ally x