Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan 23rd (New Post)

I am wearing a bright red (Dressy) suit to Dave's retirement dinner Saturday night. The jacket and their sleeves have scalloped edges. Also the bottom of the skirt has that, too. The challenge will be can I wear my red heels (you know my feet are in BAD shape) long enough to walk in the place and sit down (I can take them off under the table). I think I may be overdressed but Dave said if I wanted to wear that, go for it. I was going to wear a light blue pantsuit that has a sweater and a Jacket, but it's washed me out. I look pretty good in red. And I love red! My day to day winter purse is red, my favorite coat is red (although I have a black one, a green one, a leather one, plus a couple jackets.) (My favorite jacket is pink. I have lots of pink Clothes, too.

I got up at 4:30 AM so I could have time to change the sheets and also clean the bathrooms plus drink coffee and get myself ready to go to the travel agnecy by 9 AM. It's no big deal as I get up a lot by 5:30. Maybe with Dave home, I will sleep later, but I doubt it. I DO take an afternoon nappy when I am home though. I am not especially proud of it, but my back and neck really hurt by early afternoon and I take my meds and a nap after lunch.

Spme people have said that the Kennedy men didn't have real great scruples. I don't actually know but I do not think their Dad Joe, did . Why all those women put up with that, I can't figure. Well, Joan Kennedy didn't. I bet Michelle Obama wouldn't put up with that kind of nonsense! I'd like to say Cindy McCain wouldn't, but I did hear than John had an eye for the young women (well, even younger than Cindy and she is younger than his first wife). I think Jill Biden is nice looking woman too. I heard she had a Ph.D. but I do not know what in. She is a 2nd wife, his first wife died in a horrible traffic accident hit by a drunk driver when their children were growing up. Dave doesn't like any Democrat much, but he does respect Joe Biden. Joe Biden always rode the train from Delaware into Washington, DC so that he could go home and be with his children. I don't know how long he's been married to Jill, but she looks a LOT younger than him. I don't agree with most of Joe Biden's politics, but I do respect the man.

I always wear makeup do. I do that even when I am not going to leave the house. Wear earrings, too. Wash, dry, use hot air brush on hair daily. Then I use either a curling iron, or just a hot brush on my hair, depending on how long it's been since my last perm. If I am REALLY sick, I will skip my hair for one day. It's part of me getting my day in order. My way of "controlling my world." That and showering every AM and taking a bubble bath every night. I use lots of lotion (no fancy big brand names though because I go through a ton of them since I shower or bathe 2 x a day. Then at night the getting ready for bed ritual is like I told you mine is. I have become a "dream customer" for the cosmetic companies that have counters in our Younkers, which is our "fanciest" "most upscale" store in our mall. Not that that makes it REALLY "FANCY." I don't have any famous celebrity type make-up. I get Cliique's 3 step, (cleansing wash, toner, & light conditioning lotion). I use Estee (sp?) Lauder Makeup and Mascara, Revlon cream Blush (though), and Lancome Lipstick. I use a little of every counter's fragrances. I especially like Precious by either Elizabeth Arden or Estee Lauder & "Happy" or Happy floral by Clinique. I also tried "PREVAGE" (by Estee Lauder or maybe it's Elizabeth Arden.) It was supposed to take every wrinkle away. Well, guess what, it didn't. So, I didn't buy it again. It was really expensive. Jane and I talk and like she said, none or all of that stuff is going to take our wrinkles away, (they use 20 year old models) but we can still make the best of ourselves. I do this even in the hospital once I am able to brush my teeth!) I use Lancome uplifting cream, and then Clinique (because it's cheaper and just as good to me as any of the more expensive ones) day moisturizer and their night one. Oh, eye cream, eye cream always, too. I was using a mascara remover. Remember when every once in a while I would tell you I had horrible eye pain? Once my doctor even sent me to my Opthamologist. Well, guess what? It was that mascara remover. Sooooo, I do NOT use that anymore! I bet I spend at least $150 a month on my face. (I do not say this to brag, I really believe I need it and I believe my skin is like it is because I do all these steps to keep it the best it can be. (Nothing will make it "YOUNG.") (Other than plastic surgery, which I don't have the $$ for and anyway, I don't know about going through that pain.) This isn't hard to do when I had Dave depositing every 2 wk. into my household and personal expense checking account. However with retirement it may become a BIG challenge!

Today we went to the Travel Agency AAA, and got our Intinery for our trip. Then we went and applied for our passports at the post office. I hope I don't have a problem with that spelling of my first name. I have a letter (from our lawyer notarized that says Mary Kenyon is the same person as Merry Kenyon). When we updated on Wills last year, we planned and asked our attorney to get my name legally changed but she said we didn't need to. My School diplomas, my Social Security, my Driver's license says Merry, too. The guy at the Post office said, Just tell anyone if they question it that you prefer to spell it the way you do. Then he said, the ONLY time you MIGHT run into trouble is if you'd get into a situation where there was terrorist activity!! I thought, "Oh boy," I should have had it changed long ago. Well, I don't have time now! Then we decided we must take a trip to Vancouver in the future since we will have passports 10 yr. And maybe go to Jamaica again. We really liked it there. Other than that, we plan to stay in the USA. We went out to lunch.

Dave was going to take a test to do Census part time, but they canceled the test because our weather got bad AGAIN. Blowing snow and frigidly cold. So, it's set for next week. This is a part time temporary job.

I do hope that the bad weather doesn't keep anyone from the other Standard Bearing Stores from coming for Dave's party! I am a little nervous. And gee, I hope I don't bawl.

I've yapped too long and I yapped way too much about stupid stuff like cosmetics. They are what are I wear, but they are not what I am or what matters most to me that I think define me and make me the person I am. (Rather they are just my weakness, like some people have their nails done, or massages, I don't do those things, I do what I already said.) That and the every other month body perm I get.


Good night my friends!



mortonlake said...

you ladies.even takes you an hour to get ready to go to bed lol.take care and keep well n warm merry,love mort xx

Joann said...

WOW!!! That was a READ!! LOL!!! OK the bright red suit sounds really nice, but that's not what I chose... LOL!!! OK, it IS Dave's dinner, so I guess HE gets to choose... LOL!!! Have FUN!!!

madcobug said...

I hope everything goes well at the party. Helen

krissy knox said...

Hope the retirement went well. I can just see you in your smashing red suit! I'm going tomorrow to Hershey. That will be Sunday.

krissy knox :)
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Dawgman said...

You have to have a passport to go to HAWAII??? Since when?? It's one of the 50 STATES, for God's sake!! Not a foreign country. New Jersey is like a foreign country, but you don't even need a passport to go there!! Strange.

You just take all the naps you want to, dear lady, and spell your name anyway you want to, too. That's perfectly legal, as long as it's not for any criminal purpose.