Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Rescue Comes Home

Because we had two collies, each for about 10 years, this sory is very meaningful and precious to me. And even if you'v never had a collie, if you love pets, I think you will like it!
Love & Hugs,

Max is probably one of the prettiest Collies I've ever seen. His history is hidden in his mind, as a foggy nightmare, coming to the surface every time he sees something to remind him of his life before. They say a dog can't talk. That's nonsense to someone who knows how to listen. I've watched Max staring at me through those dark shining eyes, that have gotten softer in the last few days. But I can imagine the thoughts going through his mind. Are you going to hurt me? Can I trust you? Can I love you? When we brought Max home, he was a mental cripple. He tucked his tail, wouldn't eat, and refused anything hand fed. Every quick motion scared him. Every time we came out the door into the garage, he'd run and cower in fear. I could see visions in my mind. An opening door, a kick in the ribs and someone yelling to get out of the way. A quick motion of a hand, and a slap. I picked up a wooden dowel from my wood shop, and saw in his mind a club or a limb, and a beating he tried to get away from. There was an old scar under his right eye. It's an old story, but one getting too familiar. It's only been a few days, and he still shies away from the door, but he only moves away a little, his tail wagging. It's a good beginning, but only a beginning. We watched Max as he walked. He favored his right front leg, and I noticed a slight lump on the front of it. A veterinarian friend checked it and told me his leg had been broken. Without an X-ray, he told me he suspected a pin or staples had been put into it. He told me that Max was about three years old. Again, I wondered what kind of a life he had endured. He was thin, but all in all, Max was in pretty good shape. His hair is a bit course, but there's a hen house out back and always a few extra eggs to get the hairdo back in shape. Sometimes, Max will lie down, with his head laying on my foot. I'll pet his head and rub his ears and he'll look up at me with those warm and trusting eyes. Over the next few weeks and months, there'll be setbacks and victories, good days and bad. But in time, he'll be a good friend. The broken spirit will mend, the nightmares will fade, and a dog without hope will come to find a loving home, gentle voices, and hands that will never hurt again. Somewhere along the way, Max has received some obedience training. He's leash trained, knows some commands, like down, stay, and heel, and is quite well mannered. He's house broken, and very quiet. Somewhere along the way, everything went very wrong. Fortunately for him, that'll change now. He's already getting used to Ronni's home cooking. The look in his eyes when he looks at her is priceless. He can't seem to get enough hugs or petting, but we're working on it. I can't bring myself to put a "The End" on this. Let's just say, "To be Continued..." -- Bob Shaw
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madcobug said...

Sad story. Makes you wonder what has happened to him. Sounds like he now has a good home. Helen

Ally Lifewithally said...

What a lovely story ~ will there be more ??? ~ Ally x