Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas (& Insurance woes)

First of all, I want to wish everyone a very very Merry Christmas. May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with love as you all have filled mine all this past year. I love you for it, too!

Dave took Kaycee to our friend Jill (the groomer) to stay for Christmas. When he got back we went out for a little supper. It's snowing AGAIN. We are tired of it. It's the -20 below temps that & blizzards that we can't deal with. Tomorrow (very early AM) we go to Tim & Patti's. This is the worst Christmas I have ever had. I still don't feel that well, and don't want to be away from home. I do want to see Jack, though.

Then Jan. 2-4 we are expected to go back for Joey's birth. Stay in a motel. I want to be there to see Patti and Tim & Jack & the new baby, but do not want to stay there for 4 days in a motel as they are expecting us to do. If you continue reading this you will see why I say that. It's not that I am heartless!

As you know Dave is retiring Jan. 22. I have been getting SS since my Bday in November. I will get half of Dave's instead when he retires instead of mine. Mine is pitiful small. So that's good.

I just learned that I HAVE NO INSURANCE COVERAGE after Dave's company's ins. stops on us & I will have nothing & can't get ANY Medicare Benefits or Supplemental Insurance until Feb.2. I am just sick. Dave is very upset as well. We filed all the right papers and did everything right. But because I have a Nov. Birthday my Medicare doesn't pick up until 3 mo. after my birthday. BUT NO ONE at social security ever told us this. What would we do if I had a stroke? I have to go to the doctors every month. And take several medications! That will have to come out of OUR own pockets. We do not have that kind of $$. I feel horrible about this. I am not in that great of health. I know I shouldn't say this, but I could care less about Christmas. I am so worried and scared about all of this mess.

Forgive me to dump on you at Christmas. I wish you a Merry one!! Please take care of yourself and pray that we can figure out a way to pay medical expenses in January. I hope & pray things are going okay for you and that you are surviving the snow! We have to stick together.

Love you, Email me if & when you get a chance. (I am so scared it's not funny. And Dave gets upset if I even talk about it).


Missie said...

Hang in there! Try to enjoy the holidays, then worry! I know, easier said then done.

Merry Christmas!

krissy knox said...

Hang in there, Merry. It will be February before you know it. Somehow you will be able to make it through January. The Lord will provide. He always does.

I do sympathize with you and know it is hard, however, to not have insurance. So sorry to hear that. I have insurance now, but have had times in my life when I didn't. So I know what it is like not to have it. But I think you will be okay, as you will be getting it back soon.

So sorry that you are still in pain. I hope they get you out of it soon.

Well, Merry Christmas! It's officially Christmas right now. I have to run and kiss John. You kiss Dave! bye for now.

Krissy :)
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madcobug said...

Merry put it all into God's hands. Hopefully the time will past fast. Our family knows what it is to be without insurance. You just have to put your trust in the Lord to see you through this time. Ask for God's blessings to be upoon you during this season and he will see you through. Ask and you shall receive. All that worring could bring on a stroke itself. Hugs to you both, Helen

mortonlake said...

every time i read something like this merry i get so angry. your country doesnt provide for the sick and elderly half as much as a so called backward country, thank god the Uk does provide free health cover to all. be strong,stay warm and somehow you will get best wishes to you merry.take care love mort xxx

Dawgman said...

Don't fret, Merry. Pray, put yourself in God's loving arms and don't worry anymore! Let Him take over and put your faith and trust in Him. Remember that if He brought you to it, then He will bring you through it! God is always in control.


Michelle said...

MErry Christmas Merry!!!

I am sorry you are going through all this right now!!!

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that everything will work out.