Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Night

Well, we had a better Christmas than I thought we would. But it still didn't seem like Christmas, but more like a big birthday party. Hmmmm, shame on me IT is someone's birthday. I am ashamed of myself for making that statement!!

It was good driving to get there. And Jack was worth the ride, even though I about go nuts in a car. He is soooooo handsome, soooooooooo cute!! Part of it is it gets my back and neck really hurting, and part of it is I am a little claustrophobic when I am the passenger in a car (or an airplane, etc.) I can't control the stops (or lack of, lol). (You don't want to know how am I when they do an MRI on me). Jack is such a boy now, not very much baby left in him. He doesn't talk a lot, but what he says, he says plainly. He IS very smart. (Of course, I am not prejudiced.) He really got tired of opening presents. They did it with Patti's family last night and this AM they had done their own, EARLY before we arrived. He drew me a picture (??well if looks like an angel or it could be a snowman) but ya gotta remember he is not quite 19 mo. old. I was so excited I put it up on our refrigerator when we got home.

Patti is a wonderful cook and we had a good day. I know she is tired, she's 9 mo. pregnant but she insists on doing things herself and pushes herself. So, I felt bad, but what can I do? I offer help, she never says okay (pregnant or not).
I got just what I wanted and then some for gifts. I personally didn't spend 1/4 of what I normally do (because of the money worries for me in Jan. But Dave spent more, so I guess it all came out the same, except poor Dave got less (& he is such a nice guy he should get the most)!

The social security/Medicare & Insurance problem hangs heavy over me, but we will try to check state & federal sources where you can purchase one month of insurance. (I can't get the government to pay for it, this is the USA. And we are not on Medicaid (nor am I going to be on Medicare in Jan. The sources say. This insurance, is horribly expensive, but I would rather pay that than have nothing, especially after having been injured for 3 months, and then having to have all those tests and scans at the hospital to rule out what I didn't have & show what I do have. That said, we don't know that I can find it, but we are looking. So, YES, I am worried and scared and so is Dave. We KNOW we could never pay what the Dave's company insurance spent on me in Oct. & Nov!!

Coming home we hit bad weather, about a half an hour from Tim & Patti's. We drove on roads with 0 visibility (blowing snow) for about 5 hours slowly to get home. That was a very tense time. WE almost stopped half way and stayed at a motel, but I am glad to be home again, even if it took a very long time to get here. People were flying by us on the Interstate. Makes me wonder if people are drunk or just think they are invincible, or they are STUPID, LOL. I was very good and a quiet passenger coming home (I am usually horrible), but Dave didn't need that! We even made it over to Auntie Jilts (Our friend & Kaycee's groomer) to get our little girl, Kaycee.

I hope you ALL had a very Merry Christmas! I thought of so many of you! Tell me about your Christmases! I just wanted to tell you about today.
Merry Christmas one more time,



madcobug said...

I am glad that you two had a good time and made it hope safely through the bad weather. We had a beautiful day here and our Christmas get together with Ken's family and mine at the same time. Since there are not many of us it works out well. Only 8 of us left now.
Have a good weekend.
Hugs, Helen

mortonlake said...

glad you had a good time merry.driving in snow is awful. i sympathise about the MRI scan,ive had 6 now,they ask you if you any metal in eye,pacemakers,etc.but DONT ask if you poor lady had to be sedated last time i had you rest,and may 2009 bring you good luck and well being,take care,love mort xx

Dawgman said...

Sounds like you're going on COBRA insurance program. Yes, it's expensive. I was on it for two months a couple of years ago, after an on-the-job injury I suffered. Mine cost me $225/month out-of-pocket, or $450 for both months. But it was necessary in order to keep my main insurance from lapsing, which would have meant a 3-month wait to reinstate it, once I returned to work. I've had one MRI and you talk about claustrophobic!!! Yeesh, I think my but muscles tried to crawl me out of that contraption!! Think the same people who make cellphones make those things!! I HATED it!