Friday, December 19, 2008

I Can Hardly Wait 2

My husband Dave will love that one. I printed it out. I am not much into cars, but he is. Boy, bailing out the auto industry isn't something Dave is happy about. He was telling me that the average worker on the assembly lines of GM, and the others is about $75,000 a year!! (I forget what the hourly wage is, but it's out of sight. This is the good old Union boys, which Dave (& I) hate, hate, hate. And don't think they don't have the best medical, eye, and dental health care, too. Plus fat 401K plans and retirement plans. And we are supposed to feel sorry for these guys and bail out the 3 big US auto makers so those "po folks" don't get laid off? Come on, get real. Who looks out for the Bearing Salesmen, and the Journalists & Restaurant workers, (Me), or even Social Workers, (Me) they make peanuts compared to the auto co. employees. Well, I guess that Bush figures if they don't help the big 3 out it will hurt the entire country which is already in a recession (yes, he really said that this AM on TV at his press conference) (Rick Warren is a Fundamentalist Minister). Congress broke last week without settling things. Boy, why am I not surprised that the Democratic majority (Republican minority) all congress went home & left old George to figure out what to do. Heck, people already don't like him.

Well, I may be crazy, but I do. I see a President that hasn't been afraid to take a stand even against the whims of people. A guy who STOOD firm after 9/11, and I don't care, what anyone else thinks, I hope history is kinder to George than what the American public has been. I bet he is champing at the bit to go home to Crawford, Texas. Oh, I guess Laura Bush said on TV that they will be in Dallas half the time for business purposes and the other half of the time in Crawford, Texas. So, if no one else will say it, I will~! Thank you, President Bush, for serving our country. I am proud of the way you have served our country. I only wish more people were. I hope history will be kinder than what American people are to you. And what really gets me is this Rick Warren who Pres. elect Obama picked to do the Invocation at the Inauguration. Wow, here Obama's big promises about supporting same sex marriages and gay rights, are already being broken! If I was one of those people who worked my ass off to campaign for Obama because of all his "promises" for equal rights to the gays, I'd be pretty mad right now.

Promises, oh, why am I not surprised? All he did was make lots of promises and called for change, change, change, and I bet half the time, he didn't even know what he was saying he needed a change for! Yeah, that's what I really think! This is just a taste of what the next 4 years are going to be like. I pray for our country and I should be praying for Obama, but so far I can't. Because, in the end he is lots of hot air. (But I hope he proves me wrong and does a smashing job.)

Oh, and how nice, now out of no where comes Caroline Kennedy and she is wanting to take Hillary Clinton's senate seat. I bet she gets it, too. I have nothing against the woman, but she's spent her entire life staying OUT OF POLITICS, like her Mother tried to do. And now she wants to serve?? I am sure she's smart enough, but I don't think she should get the position just because she is a Kennedy. But wait, poor Teddy isn't doing well, and we must have Kennedy's in office, here comes Camelot all over again.

Boy, didn't I take my meanie pill for today or what? But then I am one of those people who voted for John McCain, and I am not over that yet. President Obama will have to prove himself to me! This is my cents worth. I ranted on so long I am going to copy this and put in my blog!

Renee, you are pretty fair minded, extremely so-- for a person who claims to be a Liberal. xx
Love to ya'all,


krissy knox said...

Yes, Obama will definitely have to prove himself. I don't agree with the way he doesn't believe in the sanctity of life, most especially.

Krissy :)
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Lisa said...

I agree, Obama needs to do what he said. I voted for him. Everyone else in my family voted for McCain. Who would have thought of that one! :o)

Sharon said...

I am going to agree with you on the Obama train....what is our world turning in to? I voted McCain! We'll see........Have a great Christmas!

mortonlake said...

its as bad over here merry. sorry,but if your product aint selling,people dont come in your shop n spend cash,whatever,then you will go bust.and that is a fact of retail life. mort

Dawgman said...

Obama won't keep half the promises he made. He can't. Typical Democrat -- say whatever it takes to get elected. But the Republicans ain't much better nowadays. As far as the economy goes, all the government's going to do is make it worse, and cause the misery to last longer, as usual.

Lsrry "Dawg"

Ally Lifewithally said...

if Mr Obama keeps his promises that will be the first Political Micracle ever :o) ~ Ally x