Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Best Childhood Ever!

When I was a little kid my Dad built me a swing set. (acrobatic equipment)--but made from plumber pipes, heavy duty stuff. (Stores didn't sell them then), this was like a school ground playground equipment. It had swings, a teeter-totter (sp?), bars to hang on from your knees, and parallel bars in three heights. No one else in out little town had such equipment at home. But Daddy, could see I was good at this, (I did take gymnastics soon as I was old enough to get into it) and he made me this.) It was quality. I took it for granted at the time, but when I remember it now, it really is a wonderful memory to know how loved we were. Every kid should be that lucky, but they aren't. I don't think it was built yet when my sister was my age. Bev was always off somewhere with mostly boys, fighting and paying roughly. I was a "sissy" she said. Also that I didn't have fun, but that's not true. I had everything a girl (or kid) could dream of. But she was a true tomboy, and she wanted to go play with boys, and eat worms on a dare, and forever coming home dirty and with her dresses torn, (girls wore dresses when she was little!) No sissy stuff for her. As for me, I loved my yard, and next to being at the lake cabin, it was my favorite place to be. Every year my friends & I put on a "carnival" (acrobatic) show. We'd charge money, and half that little town came to watch us. The proceeds were for other kids and adults and other kids came to watch us...We had a club, The Helpful Club." We also had games for kids to pay to play and prizes we gave them. (LITTLE THINGS) The money made from our "shows" we'd buy something for someone who didn't have much. For instance, that wasn't good farm country so my farm friends were poor. I remember going and picking out the outfit one year we gave to my lower income friend, Sally! It was a really big deal to me, but I was the one who got the "gift." I had the gift of giving to less fortunates." Some years it would go to an organized charity, too.

Anyway, every one played in my yard, partly because they liked me, but also because of the equipment, I am sure. (I also had a gunny sack swing, do you know what they are like?) And a hammock, and a tire swing! It was magnificent. Almost as many boys played in my yard as girls, even. The fact that my Mom made the best cookies in town for everyone and anyone didn't hurt, either! Mom never minded the noise or hassle of all of us kids playing. Kids were in and out of the house using the rest room, Mom never seemed to care, she said at least she knew we were home and we were playing safely!) My Mom was great with kids. I don't think I ever encouraged my son Tim to have "half the town over, LO." I would have felt responsible and maybe Mom did, but she never acted like it did anything but please her to see me having fun. Every kid should have a childhood like mine. Both of my parents, gave so much of themselves for me. Summers were at the Lake House, and I did know even then how very lucky I was, and although I didn't fully appreciate it, I did know I was fortunate. So, when we went back a few years ago and the playground equipment was gone, it broke my heart. Also, some of the GIANT trees were gone-probably died. Broke my heart. How many children have those kind of wonderful memories?

Feel free to share your childhood memories with me; I'd love to hear about them!

Hugs to all!


madcobug said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful Childhood memories to think about ever now and then. Helen

Dale said...

You are a truly lucky person.
I cannot remember anything from my childhood, from the head on in 99.
Makes me Really Really Sad.
Have a wonderful holiday

mortonlake said...

great entry merry. dont remember too much of my early childhood.theres a reason.its been posted.and i was a loner.but happy.take care.mort x

DB said...

Merry, I didn't have a childhood like yours/ My poor friends and I had to invent fun. We were pretty good at it. Some of it was malicious fun, but not most of it. One day a kid found a large coil of rope. We twisted it and knotted it up the best we could and we used it as a soccer ball.


Missie said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable childhood. Have a good night

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