Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Got Hit by a Car!!

Hi my friends!

I am so far behind on my email.. This is not like me. But I've been Christmas shopping and Christmas wrapping (also, Merry shopping, LOL) and really busy, with my housework, too. You know, I am rigid. Every day has a job and that does not change unless I am too sick to move. Also, I am dead tired.

Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy, this one is in a grocery store. It's an RX my insurance doesn't pay for & cheaper than my regular pharmacy (Walgreen's). So, I got to this other pharmacy because since it's a cash pay, their price is a lot cheaper on this medication.

Well, it was about 10 AM. I was walking from my car to the store. And yes, I do look for tail lights and people backing up! But some drivers don't look for people!

I was in back of a lady in a big SUV The car came at me, slowly (thank God or I"d be in really bad shape) and I hollered, "HEY!! WATCH OUT!" You ARE RUNNING OVER ME!" It threw me off balance and just luckily I went to the side of it. But if she had been backing out faster, she's have run right over me! It was scary!

The lady says, "Are you okay? I am so sorry." I wasn't too nice, and I am almost always nice. I was MAD. (At first, later I got scared!) I went in to get my prescription. Well, these other nice people came up to me and said they saw it all and they were ready to knock hard on her hood or windshield. They were very nice to me. They said, she said there was a "blind spot". Believe it or not I thought, I don't care if it's my car, well, I care but it wouldn't have KILLED me. But these witnesses told me that if I hadn't shouted, she WOULD have kept coming! And I WOULD have been run over.

Oh yeah, The woman who hit me said to me, Well, you're so little I couldn't even see you. And I had a "blind spot." CRAP. But then I wasn't mad, I was SCARED. That's all it would've taken. All I have to say it's a good thing I have a big mouth and shouted when I did, because I think I'd at least be in the hospital if not DEAD.

Okay, this letter is going to all of my friends and family. I love you all. I am sorry I am behind on Email. You know that is NOT like me. Know that I will be catching up on my Emails to all of you I owe mail to ASAP!