Sunday, December 13, 2009


Snider had passed away a few months ago after fifteen years ofgiving and receiving love within this family. Little Jack, the family's fourth grader, was still having troublecoping with the loss of the dog that had been his companion and partnerall of his life. He had never spent a night that he could remember thathe couldn't touch or feel Snider's warmth under the covers every night.This was not going to be a merry Christmas at all and Jack's parentsknew it. Being in the fourth grade was hard but Jack seemed to not hearanything even if the teacher spoke directly to him. She kind of knewwhat Jack was going through so she didn't press him too hard. Like hisparents though, she never believed that the sadness would have so muchcontrol over him for so long. Jack's parents had been to several shelters as well as animalcontrol trying to get him another dog but they did not have the cash topay all the up front costs for all the veterinarian procedures required,especially heart worm costs of three or four hundred dollars. They hada very hard time wondering why people did not give their pets preventivemeds since it was only pocket change every month to do it. It was late and getting dark. The animal control director calledfor Amy to bring the last dog to the back to be put down before theyclosed for the holidays. Amy could hardly breathe thinking about thisyoung dog being killed. She had to do something to buy her more time,but what? Anxiety was overwhelming her. So young, so sweet, such ashort life. Amy had named her Snoop Diddly when she first came in because allshe did was snoop everything and everyone that came in as she rompedaround the greeting area. She had even started to respond to the nameand learned sit, lay down and stay. She was going to pick Diddly up to remove her name collar whenthis big old guy came in. She had seen him before, as he was a regularvisitor to the shelter. Diddly was out the door in a flash as thoughshe knew what was in store for her. Was he her rescue angel? The lights of town were starting to brighten as darkness loweredover the city, as Diddly ran and ran. Christmas was not going to be a fun holiday at Jack's house. Hisparents were in a dither, what with family coming in the morning andall the celebration for the day. As Jack's mom cleared the breakfast table she heard Jack, whowas outside, scream. She and dad rushed to the door just as Jack camethrough holding this young pup. "MOM! DAD! LOOK! She's got a collar on her name must be Diddly.If we can't find her owners can we keep her?" as Diddly licked his faceand hands. "Well of course we can," they said in unison but, we have to tryand find her owners first. Diddly was in the middle of the family all morning but hangingwith Jack mostly. They all were quietly talking how Jack had snappedout of his severe depression so fast since the dog showed up. He evenate a big meal with Diddly in his lap sharing a few bites. Something hehad not done since Snider passed away. An old friend of theirs stopped by. Jack saw him get out of hisbig truck. He came walking up just as the door opened, with Jack andDiddly rushing out to greet him. He was an old fishing buddy of thefamily's and had taken them fishing ever since Jack could remember. "Well, well, well, where did you get this pup?" the friend asked. "She just showed up this morning when I was outside," Jack answered. "She looks just like Diddly who escaped from the animal controlshelter last night when I stopped by there. She ran out the door whenI went in and the worker there seemed so relieved she started crying-- telling me I must have been sent by someone at The Rainbow Bridge,as they were minutes from putting her down. She told me about her.How she had named her and how sweet she was. Guess I was an angel anddidn't even know it. And here she showed up where I know she'll havea loving forever home."

-- Mark Crider
A 2009 Update to the Story: Having known the family for years and being into rescue here Ijust had to write about what a coincidence it was for that to happen. The real part of the story I couldn't divulge then (just in casesomeone from animal control read it) was Amy was crying so hard about it I couldn't handle it so I just grabbed the dog and put her out the door to let her escape, and took the blame. After all, who is going to confront a tough old grouchy pet lover like me? I went looking for Diddly but it was dark. The next day I ran anad in the paper but had no luck. I was really shocked when I stoppedby and there she was. And she is still there happy and healthy as can be.
_______________________________________________Mark says, "I am a pet lover to the core and find myself embedded in thefight for their well being daily. To me, someone who would mistreata pet is a mentally sick individual. Sharing my food, kindness andresources with pets give me inspiration."


madcobug said...

Very good story Merry. Thanks for sharing.

R.V.C. said...

Lovely and timely story, Merry. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


mortonlake said...

great one merry.ty tc mort xx

Dale said...

Great Story Merry....Thank you for thinking of me and sending it.
Hope you have a Blessed Christmas

DB said...

Merry, this is a great story. As an animal lover myself I can joy with the people and the dog. What a wonderful result.


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