Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Grandson, Jack's Christening!

I thought you might like to hear about our weekend. We went to be sponsors for Jack's baptism this last weekend. Our son Tim and his wife Patti, and grandson Jack (Jonathan David Kenyon) live in Cedar Rapid's IA.  Days we spent with Patti, Tim and also Patti's Mom a lot of that time.  We did stay at a motel as Tim & Patti's house is really SMALL.  Jack is now 4 months old.
It was a beatiful Christening. Patti got Jack a special Christening Onsie on EBAY.  It had his name embroidered on it, in gold. (It was white.)  He had a little Christening blanket with his name on it too, and the baptismal date on all this, also.  He had on little white socks,
and he was quite the little man.  He was good.  He cried just a little when the Pastor put the water on him.  He also cried a bit during the church service but not for long, and it was nothing major! 
The baptism was the very first part of the service!  Patti did the nicest thing, she got up toward the middle of the service at church, walked down to me, and handed me Jack, asking me if I wanted to hold him.  I was so touched by this, I almost cried. I am a sentimental sap anyway, you know.  Then we had communion and were up and down, etc.  And Jack wanted to be held upright, not like I had him when he was sleeping.  He really is too heavy for me to hold standing up for very long. Jack is 14 pounds they say.  I am not supposed to lift more than like 15 lb, but I am not use to holding him while standing!(because of my back, and my neck.)   He is is so long now, too!  April, Patti's Mom, could see I was trying, and not able to get him "upright",  & so she asked me if I wanted her to take him for a minute.  I didn't want to say yes, but I didn't want to drop Jack on the floor either, so I nodded my head yes.  I thought that was just so nice of her.  I hope Patti and Tim don't think I didn't want to hold Jack; I just couldn't do it that when we were doing the long standing stuff.  We all had our chances to hold him all weekend long. It was cloudy when we went into the church.  But by the time we came out the sun was shinning and it turned out to be a beautiful day.
We are honored to be Jack's sponsors!   We got Jack a Savings Bond. I also got him a  LITTLE pewter thing to hang from the mobile in his crib (it says, "On the Day that you were born, the angels danced.)"  And I truly believe they really did!
Patti had a reception at home after church. Lots of goodies and everything was just so nice!  Also, we got to meet some more of her family.
Patti's Mom, April, brought over her dog, Agnes,(her Maltese) for a while on Saturday (don't ask me why).  She looked exactly like our Maltese, Kaycee!  Could be her twin!  We fell in love with her. They both weigh about 8 lb. Agnes is only 3, and a bit more active than Kaycee. 
Patti and Tim are very involved in the church!  They go to a Bible Study as well as church.    This is like a dream to me.   I know Jack will be in Sunday School, and they will meet other young parents and that's great.
Also, I told Dave WE ARE going to get back into the habit of going to our church here regularly again. In the past, it meant so much to me. We have somehow become sporadic in our church attendance. Even so, people from church will come up to me and will say how much they  have missed us both.  This weekend "inspired" me to go more regularly.
Ps  Did I mention that Jack has two teeth?  Two right in the bottom front!  They are so cute! Well, I just might be predjucdiced but Jack is adorable and handsome.  He is a very good baby!
Pss Hey, you all know cameras aren't my thing. but I will try to get some pictures of this event on here soon!
PSSS  This time we were left our dogs with our groomer Jill.  (She dog sits, too). They have nice white blankets in their little kennels at night there!  She had sent me a 1/2 price gift certificate for grooming BOTH dogs! Wow!  That was cool!  No one around here does Teddy like she does.  She's good with Kaycee's cut too, but Kaycee is not hard to do cutting her short. She just has long hair on her tail and on her face and head.  Kaycee's STILL got her little pink bow in  three days later!  She usually won't stand for keeping bows and "stuff" in her hair! Ted has a a little bow tie sort of thing on his collar.   Ted has lost a couple more pounds.  Maybe we'll get him down to normal yet!  The dogs were happy to see Dave when he picked them up, but not wildly so like when they get left at the veterinary kennel.  Jill kept them both for the what she usually gets for dog sitting one- $40 a day I think.  But the vet clinic charges aoubt $30 for both, and they stink and are wild when they get out of there.  They weren't like that.  It was almost like one of my friends calls doggy "Camp". They get to get out and play and eat, etc. Whenever we go away and the dogs get left somewhere she always teases me and asks me how Ted and Kaycee liked "camp."  Well, Jill may not be quite like "Camp", LOL but she treats them very well and they got walked and attention several times a day!  Nice! (Pricey, but nice)


seraphoflove9001 said...

That sounded so beautiful to see! I'm so glad that you got to see Jack as well. :o)

nanmm11 said...

What a beautiful day that must of been for all of you. I'm really happy for all of you! xxxooo