Monday, June 26, 2006

This weekend

Now I am up to date again, finally!  This is Monday, June 26.


I am so happy!  I have found a new home.  I have become part of the AS I AM family~!  I have been warmly welcomed and my heart is full of warm and good feelings.  I look forward to sharing with you all and hearing from new people (I hope). I also want to be there for some of you who may need a friend, too!  I also belong to Positive Pals, but I have been there for a while.  I will share my lows, my highs, but I will also listen to yours!  I may share my pain with you too, as I have chronic pain problems, but don't worry, I can also listen to your pain, no matter what it is.  
How was your weekend?  What did you do?

We got out a lot this weekend.  To eat, shop at the mall on Saturday, get groceries, and then yesterday we went out again for brunch and they had one of those purple shirt / red hat deals where we were.  They were selling clothes, etc.  I am not QUITE at that stage of life (or if I am I haven't yet acknowled it) but it was fun to see all the older ladies dressed up out, and having so much fun.   Then we went to (are you ready for this?  It's soooo exciting, LOL) we went to Menards (like Home Depot) to buy a NEW TOILET SEAT.  Now, you just can't have much more fun than that, can you.  Then we came home watched a DVD. It was a good weekend.


yankeygr said...

Hey there, Girlfriend! Welcome back. What is this "As I Am"?
Whatever it is, it must be good, or you wouldnt be so excited about it. Please tell me more about it?
 Love ya, Rhonda

memes121 said...

We are the luck ones that found you my friend! You are a wonderful new member of our family! All are welcome! Tammy