Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Licorice & Carbs

Good morning!
Are you chocolate people?  I don't like chocolate at all.  In fact, I hate chocolate.  I love licorice.  Red or black, oh it's my passion, and my weakness.
I got this licorice thing from my Dad, He always ate it, said it "soouthed" and "calmed him down."  If Daddy said that I thought then it is true, and have followed the licorice path off and on my whole life.  I try not to buy it, not to keep it in the house, because I don't want the calories.
I will be writting my email on and of during the day today!.  I ate a bunch of black licorice last night. I  had been so good about not eating it, (because it causes me to get the trots the next day & ALSO although it's low fat, it's full of extra carbs that my small framed body does not need!) BUT what happened is Dave had this little bag of Nibs that was hard, so he was going to throw it AWAY!  Well, I couldn't have that!  So, I said, "NO, Wait, give it to ME!"  And I put it in my computer desk. But the devil made me go get it after Dave went to bed last night!  The licorice tasted so good, I ate a little, then a bit more, then more and more.  I didn't stop until it was all gone!  Oh the Lord is making sure I pay for doing that!  BAD MERRY, Bad Merry!  Well, I'll write more later but Bad Merry has to run to the bathroom again now.
PS  The world can have their chocolate.  I don't want it.  But pass the licorice, will you please?  Or maybe...you better just throw it out the window, or put it down the garbage disposal!


yankeygr said...

I'm so sorry to say this, but what a laugh you just gave me! I could just picture you eating that licorice, one bite at a time, until it was all gone!
Then this morning, I had to laugh at the thought of you running back and forth to the bathroom. I'm so sorry that I'm laughing, but I cant help it!
Love ya, Rhonda

tpiez4me said...

All licor'ed up I see...I'll trade you licorice for your chocolate!  Luv me some chocolate!
Sharon - http://journals.aol.com/tpiez4me/CoastalComfort

valphish said...

I love black licorice, too.  The red stuff is okay.  Gotta have my chocolate, though.  YUM!!  xox