Monday, June 26, 2006

Bit of SAD news

Bit of sad news

Updating again.

Our son Tim just called and said Patti's grandmother, who had just gone to the nursing home like last week, has passed away.  Patti is devastated, she didn't even have time to accept Granny being at the nursing home.  Tim was pretty blue, too.
She fell at the nursing home, and by the time they got her via ambulance to ER, the doctors said she was bad.  Shortly, after, Tim and Patti arrived and were waiting to go in and see her, but the doctor came out and said she was gone.  She has Alzheimers, and some physical problems, but she did still know Patti.  The doctors think she had a stroke.
I feel so sad for Patti, and Tim, but especially Patti, at times her Grandmother raised her.
What a blow this must be for them after the good news and glow we all had over the engagement just yesterday.

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