Monday, August 29, 2005

wanting to comminicate more and BETTER

I am so wanting to get further into journaling, but I don't want to babble, and yet, if I write or send nothing more, no one will write to me, right?


Thanks Rhonda for all your great help.

Thanks to the couple others who contacted me somehow through here!

What is that saying about if you build it they will come?  Oh, it's about baseball.  Well, this is just me wanting to write and wanting people to write me.  But if you write, I will answer.




gdireneoe said...

Just jump in Merry.  Just have fun and talk your thoughts here at the keys.  I was really nervous at first.  i have written almost all my life...but never to an audience.  I still have my hard copy that I write eyes only kinda' thing...but I am finding a wonderful and very informative creative outlet here.  Jump! ;)  C.

lv2trnscrb said...

Merry, just keep writing; it gets easier with each journal entry. You are doing great. I think people will want to follow your journal.


libragem007 said...

hey Mer!
This is your entry alerts in my mailbox..does it count that I'm looking forward to reading your entries?
Take care & take it easy..they will come!
Gem :-)

yankeygr said...

Hi Merry,  Your very welcome for what little help I gave you! Your doing great and I love reading your journal! Keep em coming, Girlfriend!   Rhonda