Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dealing with Chronic Pain

It's me again, Merry, and I might as well put out my other "HELP" call, or request now, as well.  I really need to be in touch with those that have had or have chronic pain, particularly back or neck pain.  Let me know what ever you want to, you don't need to tell me your medical history.  I just sometimes need help with this. Mostly some people I can talk to that also have it.

This is just a part of "Merry" so please don't think I am only about pain or on a pity party.  I didn't mention it before because I don't want to be thought of only in this way.

Thanks....and to anyone with the above problems, I'm thinking and praying for you.




stormie4851 said...

Well now, as far as dieting and exercise; I did Atkins last year and lost 70 pounds very quickly.  I love the plan although I did not adhere to it's very strict menu's.  I just followed the basics and was very happy with it.  As far as exercise, I am a Wal-Mart cashier at a super center, I get a great work out every day, lol.  As far as chronic pain, I have lots of it.  Starting with a pinched nerve in my neck, scoliosis, carpel tunnel, arthritus, u name it I have it.  I usually can ignore it but when it gets really bad I take hot soaks and plenty of motrin.  I also have a soft neck brace that helps and braces for my wrists.  And I pray a lot..........Stormie

yankeygr said...

Hi Merry, I dont know if I ever told you this or not, but in 2000, I broke my back and had to have fusions done. To this day I live on Morphene and Codiene. So I do know about cronic pain!          Rhonda