Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best Husband Award & Davenport Trip

Tonight we decided to have McDonalds. (I always get the new Mac Wrap, it is small but enough for me with a lite yogurt or jello). Dave went and got it. I hate onions, but this is SO FEW, and w/out onions, it's dry....usually I can't tolerate onions, but these I can)....Dave gets no onions). Well, he got them for me. I was furious, beyond what I should be (Mad as hell, threw a hissy fit) (& went to McDonald's to get my own regular Mac snack!) Dave's car was in the drive (I forgot about that, mine was in the garage, and I had to back down the drive. As usual I make sure I clear the snow blower on the right side of the garage. BUT, because I was mad, I go ZOOMING out of the drive and ?????????????? You got it......I scraped Dave's car with my left front mirror. ALL THE WAY down the side of his car. Just because I was mad he didn't get my Mac right. Holy smokes. I told him immediately when I got back because 1. I can't not tell him stuff like "Dave what happened to your car???????????"==Fake it.) And, #2 I was guilty! Really he couldn't have been harder on me than I was being on myself.

Well, this has a happy ending. I stated to try to get it off, but Dave got some polish or scratch stuff he had in the garage and proceeded to get it ALL OFF! Hallelujah! Praise God! But I learned a valuable lesson, don't take your anger out by going fast, (look what happened.)

Hot temper tantrums don't solve anything, and I hope you don't have to wait until you are 60 to find this out (or learn it the hard way). We have a fairly high deductible on the cars, and on our fixed income, It would have been very difficult for us to come up with the deductible cash to fix it!!

He spent 5 days in Davenport, IA trip seeing my friends, as we weren't able to get ahold of his brother! It's pricey to motel it for that many nights, and eat out, etc. But he knew I needed to see my friends. (It had been 10 yr since I had been in Davenport, (*Dave had been periodically on for business and so he's seen some friends and family then.) Bless his (Dave's) heart. We lived there for the first 19-20 yr. of our married life, and Tim grew up there. The trip was good for us, especially me, we went by every place we'd ever lived and saw a few of my dear friends--Besides we went to our "surrogate niece's" wedding (One of my lifelong best friend's daughters, a friend I worked with for years and am very close to got married.) That wedding definitely was priceless, and worth the world to both of us, to see beautiful Christina's big day! (For me to see my friend Tory, who, like her daughter, is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, and for me to spend time with my one my oldest Best Friend (over 45 yr.), Lynn.

Then, a BIG added BONUS: We also were able to stop and see Tim, Patti and our grandkids on our way home! Joe has the neatest toothiest smile and is now a toddler not a baby (16 mo. old) he still has a halo in tact! Jack is becoming so grown up (He's so funny, and smart, and I enjoyed watching some episodes of "Curious George" with Jack in the bedroom. He explained the stories to me. He's so enthusiastic talking a mile a minute....and then boom, all of a sudden, he is sound asleep. I just laid there looking at him. Thinking of how blessed we are to have him. And the years turned back, Jack reminded me of a little boy who once was small, named Tim who used to wear a baseball hat whether awake or asleep, too! Oh, the Grandchildren are darling, and precious and growing up so fast! We got to see their new dash hound puppy, Betty. She's super cute! With a great personality! Tim and Patti were great hosts & Besides cooking a great supper, Patti gave me a beautiful silk scarf she got for me when she was in India for work a few months ago. They always make us feel so welcome!

About my mishap: I know I probably wouldn't be that nice. His car may be just an Impala, but it's loaded and a beauty AND MORE importantly- The first car he ever paid off!

So! Now, don't you think I am lucky? Remind me of this IF I complain about him. :)

Had to brag, but in reality, I am honestly just very thankful. that Dave is like he is (a nice guy) & to God because this wasn''t worse than it was! I was lucky this time. It's never dull living with me. If you actually read all of this, thanks, you must indeed really be a good friend to me as I try to be to you!

Safety First, Be careful, cuz cars are expensive & lethal weapens.


Missie said...

Yep, he deserves the best husband award. Have a good night.

madcobug said...

Sounds like a very good husband not to throw a fit about his car. Glad that he got it all off. Glad that you got to go see friends and family. That scarf sounds beautiful. Helen

Valerie said...

Hi my dear Merrykins =)... We should never go to bed angry OR get in the car angry. LOL Your Dave is the sweetest. Loved reading this. We are blessed with our grandbabies, too, aren't we?! Love ya!!! Valkins xoxo

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