Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are My Computer Woes Over??

I think I may very well be blogging this, but am not sure so I will send it to a few of you who I know (Hope) care and will want to know this.

The computer guy was here this AM. He adjusted so many things (settings) in Vista. He has taken me off of hibernation. My computer goes to sleep like people with a sleep disorder do! Sometimes right in the middle of an Email. Then, other times it won't shut off no matter what I do! So he disabled some Vista features. THEN, also it has come BACK ON by itself! Really! I am not making this up. Crazy? It's POSSESSED is what I think it is.(There is an evil spirit inside of this box. LOL) (Actually, it's not funny, but how else should I deal with it?) I have felt this (almost, but not REALLY) for 3 months! We talked about putting Windows XP on here and he will do that for me if I want it done. He said that Vista uses up so much more power than Windows XP so that's why this computer doesn't seem that much faster than my old one, even though it's HUGE. If in a week, I have any more problems, that's what we will do. (Put Windows XP back on here). He says then this computer will fly. (It ought to do a dance for what it cost, actually, but it doesn't.) I don't know, I don't feel I had trouble with working with Vista, but if that's causing my computer to quit whenever it feels like it, I guess I do! He said many businesses have not gone to Vista because of this issue. However, he's been researching the fixes and hopes he has it resolved. If not he will come get this and put Windows XP on it. In Dec. (of 09) there will be a new operating system by Microsoft, I forget what they call it. But he advised me to let it get at least 6 months old before I put that on here...let them get all the bugs out of here. So, how do I feel about this? I think this computer will quit on me. I think it's a lemon. I think my only hope will be going back to Windows XP....and it saddens me because I wanted the latest thing. But I refuse to be without a computer every other day! So, I have to do what he is willing to do with the warranty he sold me with this computer.

At least I feel like he understands my frustration now. I don't think he even thinks I am too stupid, no more than any average person who isn't computer savvy like most of YOU. If I have trouble this is the plan.

Thanks for listening and wish me good luck!



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madcobug said...

I tried Vista Windows and hated it. Took it back where I got it. Then ordered one with Windows Xp on it. I love it. Helen