Thursday, October 20, 2005


If you haven't lived in the midwest, you may not have to ask this question.  We have "skipped" or "fast-forwarded" fall many years in the past.  But we always hope we will have it a longer time, rather than skip it.  Our weather in Mason City is in the 40's for highs.  By this weekend we might even get snow flurries with our rain showers. 

I was hoping winter would stay away until after my birthday, which is Nov. 8.  But at least we don't have tropical storms or hurricanes here!  I hope you enjoy the fall if you still have it.

Love, Merry  


nanmm11 said...

Here in Boston, we do get "fall" and all that comes with it but that only tells us that old man winter is coming right behind it. We've been getting alot of snow the past few years which we were not used to and it sounds like we will all be getting lots more according to the farmers almanac. Heating costs are a big big problem to this year. Good luck to all of us and stay warm.

madcobug said...

Hi Merry, say you may get snow flurries there? Here the last few days the temp. as been in the mid 80's. I don't believe we will see many fall colors though as it's been so dry here. Snuggle up and stay warm for the weekend. Helen

lv2trnscrb said...

We had winter for two days last month briefly; but now we are having fall and a few days of Indian summer. Just gorgeous outside with the leaves falling and the colors. It was the low 70s earlier this week and today supposed to be 65. Spoiled here in Montana because winter is just around the corner.