Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fare Thee Well Farrah!

Today was an ordinary day for me until: The middle of my soap opera "The Young and The Restless" they came on with a ticker thing along the bottom of the screen announcing that Farrah Fawcett had died.

If you think of Farrah as a bubble head or a has been, I take issue with that. I believe she showed her talents in the things she did after commercials and also "Charlie's Angels." My favorite was the movie she won a nomination for, "THE BURNING BED.' She proved her talent to be much more than skin deep or another pretty face.

Like most of you, I had pretty much forgotten about her until a few weeks ago she did an astounding Documentary called Farrah's Story on NBC. It showed a very human story of a woman not any different than any of us despite her fame, fortune, and even cancer which eventually took her life. Since that movie aired, I have been searching for information about her. And to be honest, praying that God would take her home soon as it became obvious she had no chance to recover. Today, gave all of us a sense of peace, her suffering is over.

I think it would be very nice if people would pray for Redmond, her & Ryan O'Neil's son who is in jail on a drug charge. Also my heart breaks for Ryan and Farrah's Daddy who is in his 90's. So, now on Angel wings, Farrah, you finally have peace and no more pain.

Farewell, Farrah, all of us who cared about you, do respect you and you will be missed but remembered for your courage and your strong views, and to the end you fought to offering alternative cures for cancer for not only the rich but for all cancer victims. I just learned in reading about you that your birth name was Mary. Since, I knew you went to Parochial School, I wasn't actually surprised.



Jeannette said...

A very sad day indeed with the deaths of Farrah and Michael Jackson. As you said Farrah Fawcett was a very talented actress and will be sadly missed by her fans and family. May Farrah and Michael rest in peace. Jeannette xx

Missie said...

I feel bad that her death had to take a step back for all the MJ media frenzy. I feel badly she died, I don't feel badly for MJ.

krissy knox said...

yes, goodbye Farrah, you will be missed, and you certainly fought hard. your bravery will always be your legacy, and your work of alternative cures will always be carried on.

krissy knox
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