Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Wow, this is a Happy Entry! Something I was worried about!

Today I got this letter in the mail from my doctor. I had a bunch of blood work done. I was worried....because last year my cholesterol was right at the 200 mark. Now, the doctor TOLD ME that was only because the heart healthy cholesterol was high, and they want it to be, but still..... I didn't like that number at 200. At that time we were still on Dave's work insurance. And they Flagged me for High Cholesterol. That made me mad!

Well, anyway today's report was wonderful! Get this! You will be proud of Merry! Today, my cholesterol is 175. The HDL is up and the LDL is where it should be and I am thrilled. I use to have this reading when I was running in my 30s-early 50s! Also my kidney function tests, sodium, potassium, blood sugar and calcium are all NORMAL. Let's hear you say "Hooray" for Merry! Thank you!

Those of you who know me well, know that I dieted last year and lost approximately 30 lb, which is a lot for a short small person. I am convinced that is why it was down. I was never medically obese, my BMI was nomal at the worst, but barely. :) After I lost the weight my BMI dropped way down, back like when I use to run. I do worry about heart disease, I've seen what Dave has been through. My brother in law had a triple by pass last year. And my Mom had Diabetes. I know all the problems and diseases Diabetes can cause, and I do not want it!

I did put on a few pounds on our trip to Hawaii. Not a lot though. Geez, ate eggs every day, too. But still things came out well, I believe because I got rid of a lot of weight I really didn't need and certainly did not want last year.

I plan to diet off those Cruise pounds after Mother's Day. But I lose slowly because I am inactive due to my back and neck, I just can't do much. I have to do by diet alone. But I don't have many to lose this year, not even a size, I do not weigh, I go by how my clothes fit and I want to be size 6 like I was last summer. Ri9ght now I am a size 8. So this means probably not even 10-12 lb, I have to lose. It may take me longer than those who can exercise, but I will do it. Because I am as stubborn as they come and I do not like extra weight on my body.

If anyone wants to join me, let me know. I think it's a lot easier to do if you have a diet buddy and Dave cheats a lot. :)



Missie said...

Congratulations! That's a great accomplishment!

madcobug said...

Glad that the reports from your doc were good ones. You don't look a bit overweight in your picture while on that trip. Now if it were me it would be a different matter. I need to loose some weight but like you said with a bad back and unable to do exercises it's hard.

Nancy said...

Hi again Merry,
Yes hubbies sometimes do get in the way of those household chores! lol It always a great day when we get good news from the doctors too!Instead of cleaning my kitchen this spring,we're gutting it and installing everything new in it! It will be a long job but worth it in the end I know. By the way your grandsons are adorable too!!

Jmoqueen said...

Congratulations Merry xx I'm very proud of you :o)

mortonlake said...

well done merry. tc mort x

Joann said...

WOO HOO on the cholest. count!! I wish I was as stubborn as you, I have alot to lose!!! LOL!!