Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 4 flooding

Hi everyone!

I have gotten quite a few comments. I don't have a fancy journal like ya'll (LOL) do.  I don't have pictures in here, and I think folks like journals with pictures more.  I like pictures in other people's journals, but I care more about what they write.  Maybe that's just me, I want to be known and remembered by the things I do or have done, and also by the lives I touch.  That is what I try to do when things are fairly normal for me, which they usually really are.  Anyway, I want to thank all of you that took the time out of your day to send me a comment.  When you go through a crisis like this you really need support.  It was hard for me to share my feelings about all this flood devastation, I was afraid people would be too philosophical.  But a friend told me Jland would not let me down, so I wrote.  Gosh, what a great friend that was/is!  Jland is supportive and all that folks told me it would be.  You guys are awesome supporters and I love you for caring about me, my family, & my state!

Gee, we thought we were getting water this AM FINALLY.  All AM I had faucets on, but only got a trinkle. I called some neighobors that are home in the daytime, and they didn't have any more. That was real disouraging.

I finally got MAD & thought I don't care that they said the water we saved on Sunday should not be used. I am taking a bath and washing my hair. I boiled water  over & over & over until I finally got enough & I took a bath!  & I did it and I am not sorry. But I  had half cold water, I mean like ice.  I tried to pretend I was a kid again at our cabin in Northern Minnesota, the cold water never phased me.  But every time I tried to lay all the way down in the bathtub I could NOT do it! Finally I got on my knees and dunked my head upside down & washed my hair, then boiled more water,  and rinsed it and eventually got as clean as I could under the circumstances. 

Guess what?  About a half hour after I did all this water started coming out of the faucets. What a wonderful sight!  I thought like this, "And on the ___________day God created water", or something like that--I can't remember what day. (I am a good Lutheran and I know the Bible fairly well, but right now I am stressed.....that's my excuse for today & I am sticking to it.   Tonight my husband is taking a REAL shower.  I am too!  I promised God I won't take water for granted, EVER AGAIN I hope I don't forget that one. 

We still can't wash dishes or clothes with it; or drink it though. They say MAYBE next week. This is maddening and hard to take!

Several parts of Iowa also have been hit and Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA really got it. Des Moines will tomorrow.  Cedar Rapids got some & some people got evacuated.  Our son, wife and grandson (Gorgeous Jack age 13 months) live there.  But they are fine and are not near any flooded areas!

I always thought I was still a Minnesota girl.  This moring when I saw those pictures on TV; I cried.  Iowa is my home, (gee, it only took about 45 yr. for me to say that, LOL0. This devastation broke my  heart and I cried and cried.  I guess I truly am an Iowan now.

Unfortunately we are supposed to get rain for the next 3 days, so who knows what will happen. This ordeal is far from over. If we get more rain, our foundation might not take it.  So, I am scared but I am going to put this in God's hands tonight. 

So for today, I am thankful for the water we had  & for my friends, and Jland.

I am going to go now and end this on an up note.  I hope it reads that way, anyway.

God bless you all, real good as the saying goes!





pamal3 said...

Hi Merry. I hope you and hubby have a fabulous shower later on. I will keep you all In my thoughts and prayers. Love Pam xx

nanmm11 said...

Hi Merry,
The bath must have made you feel so much better I'm sure. Our prayers are with you and the boy scout's families who had 4 deaths while they were at a camping trip too.That was so sad to hear this morning on the news. Write whenever you can and we will be here for you.

valphish said...

my dearest Merrykins and Dave, I hope you two were able to take that shower last night.  I heard there was some tornadic activity in your state.  I sure hope it didn't come anywhere near you guys.  How are things?  I am sending so many hugs and prayers.  If you need to call me, Merry, please do.  I love you!!  Love, Val xox

cayasm said...

I must have missed your journal entries when the alerts went down, I'm so sorry to hear of the flooding and all the devestaion, it cuases and hope that the damage and the cost not too great. I don't have a ancy journal either, but I like to add photos now and again as they are also great memories.

Take care