Thursday, April 17, 2008

Come & Play!

Two names you go byMerry, Toots (by my husband)

       Two things you are wearing right now:  A very "neat & nifty" pink T-shirt which has flowers on it & says "Iowa State" & NEW smaller sized (!!!) jeans!.  I don't normally wear theme or college attire, but even though my husband is a University of Iowa fan, I have to support Iowa State, because our son went there
Two Favorite things to do: Play on my computer, and go see our grandson (Gorgeous Jack)  AKA Jonathan David Kenyon, who will be 1 on May 18!

       Two things you want very badly at the moment: To continue to enjoy life with my wonderful husband (they don't make them like him anymore!) And, to continue to keep God and the Lutheran Church a top priority in my life.

       Two favorite pets you have had/have:  Glad this said two, because I have a long list of favorite pets who have made our lives very enriched!  I have to say my two favorite pets would be Jessi (my first Bichon) & Kaycee our current only dog ("The Wonder Maltese.")  I feel bad not mentioning TeddyBear, I Loved him too!  But he was more Dave's dog than mine. We just lost him in Dec, 2007.  Dave would probably say Teddy, & then either Kaycee, Jessi, Rocky (another Bichon) or Mike (our first pet, a Collie).

       Two people who will fill this out:   I have no idea, but it sure would be nice if TWO DID THAT!

       Two things you did last night:   Laundry & ironing, played on the computer.

       Two things you ate today:  I haven't eaten.  I don't eat breakfast.  I DO EAT, THO!!  SInce I am on a diet, I eat healthy, only 700 calories a day 2 meals and a bedtime yogurt, BUT I do make SURE I eat, vegetables, fruit, protein, and fiber EVERYDAY.  When I am NOT on a diet, I eat the same way, but I eat about 1400 calories, & eat out 2 or 3 times a week!

       Two people you last talked to:  
 My friend Renee in Vancouver, British Columbia; my husband David who was out of town, but as usual he called me last night to say he loved me...........................AWWWWWWW
     Two things you're doing tomorrow: Cleaning the bedrooms, and the living room.

       Longest trips taken:    In Distance or the time they took???  Mexico (3 times), Jamaica,.  Longest: WASHINGTON DC, (oris Florida further than Washington DC from Mason City, IA (no geographical wizard am I, LOL) ) & the ENTIRE WEST COAST

       Your favorite holidays:   
Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sorry, I can't pick just 2!

       Two favorite beverages:  Diet Coke, caffeine free; Coffee (black only, please)

       Here's what you're supposed to do ... and please do not spoil the fun.  Either respond to me ONLINE by email OR  put your URL in my Journal comments section, in order that I may read YOUR answers! Thank You!  Then, you are welcome to pass it on to your friends if you choose to do so! (But you do not have to pass it on to anyone)

Love Always,


mortonlake said...

thanks for  graphic merry           will  add  it  to  my  blog  later       drop by  and  visit             you are  very welcome               mailed  you  link         take  care  mort

valphish said...

Nice to read these answers, Merry =)  Your hubby calls you Toots,  huh?  LOL  Love ya!!  Val xox

jmoqueen said...

Great answers :o)