Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tim & Patti & Jack (& Us)

This is the latest.
We were to meet Tim and Patti for MOTHER's DAY dinner between where they live and here. But Tim called tonight and that is OFF.  Tim said Patti is off work now until the baby is born!  Her blood pressure was slightly elevated and she has to pee in a big container for the doctor's office.  She is NOT dilating yet!  BUT the doctor does NOT Think that she will go many more days.  I feel quite sure the doctor is pretty sure, this baby is going to be born next week.... BEFORE HER DUE DATE! (May 18.)  I worry about that blood pressure increase in her, although it was only slight, and did come down after she sat there a while.  (I didn't tell Tim this, but I think that could be or TURN INTO Toxemia.)  Pray for her Nancy, pray for all  of us. I know that prayers help.  Is their a patron saint of babies?  How about new mothers?
Dave also told Tim NO to staying at their  house when we go after the baby is born!   We will be staying at a motel.  He took it fine! Right now he is mostly concerned only about Patti and that is at it should be!!!
The doctor said she should be couch bound.  She can get up and walk around, but no running out and doing errands and no housework or no shopping.  I think in a way it's a relief for her as she has to be tired from working full time, doing her volunteer working and doing her half of their house chores + getting ready for the baby!  I told Tim did he remember how he use to tie our collies up to stuff?  As he might need those roping skills to keep Patti on the couch. :)  LOL (he got a kick out of that.)
I will write again real soon.
Also,  I want to hear YOUR news!!   
Love you all,

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seraphoflove9001 said...

Oh...I do hope she will be alright! I'll keep her in my prayers. :o)