Sunday, September 17, 2006


Good News!!

Well, here I go:
I don't think I'm supposed to be announcing or talking about this yet, so this is "unofficial" BUT:

Our son Tim just called.  You will NOT believe this (Well, actually, maybe you will.)  Tim and Patti are having a BABY!  Do you realize what this means?????  We are going to be Grandparents!  It's not sunk in yet.  She is just 5 weeks pregnant. They are very happy and very excited.  This was VERY PLANNED, seriously.  Wedding plans remain the same.  (First week of Dec. in Jamaica.)  Patti is due in May.  Pretty soon, I am going to flip right out of my mind screaming and I may run up and down the streets naked or maybe not. Maybe with a banner though!  Tim said to me, to put Dave on the other phone, I asked if they were both okay, and he said, "Yes." So, then he said that he had something to tell us, And I said, "I think I know....and he said what & I said, You are going to have a baby."  Tim said I have good intuition.  I was sorta shocked, Dave was the one that said Congratulations.  Who would have thunk this.  It's always been a dream......but never real for me..............  It's is still not really real for me! Wow!  Isn't this something?
PS  For those of you who don't know, Tim is our 43 year old son.  Patti is in her early 30's.  They got engaged about 3 or 4 months ago.They live in a town about 3 hours from us.  (Oh, and Tim starts his new job, as a writer again (Yippee!) this Thursday!)  Things are definitely looking good in my world tonight!


tpiez4me said...

Oh how wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time to start planning the spoiling!

nanmm11 said...

Well a real big congratulations to Tim and Patti and to the two new grandparents!! I'm sooo excited for you!! Well guess you'll be stockpiling all kinds of baby things and every single time you go to a store, lol, you will be compelled to go to the "baby" dept. I know because it use to call my name in any store when my grandaughter was born (who is now 14) lol Happy shopping!! Keep us informed about everything. xxxooo

yankeygr said...

YEAH!!!! That is the best news I've heard in a very long time! I'm so excited for you! Just think, it wont be long, and a very little person will be calling you Grandma! I bet your going to be beside yourself for about 7 1/2 months?
NOW, it must be MY turn! What do you think?
             Love ya, Rhonda

memes121 said...

Wonderful Merry!

sugarsweet056 said...


rebuketheworld said...

congratulations Merry.....! What a lucky baby to have a grandmother whose soo mom....loves her grandkids but she could see them once every few months and be ok with it....but that is because she is overwhelmed..and had me at 15........shes been a mom for a long time....